Hello, and thankyou for paying a visit to the Collection01 online gallery. 

Romy Cole-Groth is an abstract painter based in Sydney. Rendered in soft pastels and metallic paints, acrylic ink and marker pen, her gestural, expressive abstract paintings are a record of the artist’s research into shape and colour; an instinctive, spontaneous exploration of an innate visual language. 

Her work is concerned primarily with a consideration for colour – or at least the impression of colour – and its synchronicity.

Romy's work is then involved in articulating the loosely narrated stories that are purely visual. These stories are impressions of her close interpersonal relationships and their moments of intimacy, love and sharing.

Collection01 brings itself online for the public to
celebrate the series made between (2017-2019). The series honours selected works that are documented and archived in her studio that are then later developed into textile. Amongst being exhibited in Sydney, Romys’ work has featured in Vogue and has collaborated with adored Barcelona clothing designer PalomaWool.

Romy continues to produce work from her studio in sydney and would like to thank you for your on-going support